The last semester of Graduate school is a killer. Trying to worry about finishing up scholarly papers all while also trying to worry about making sure I find some employment after graduating, all while taking care of a little one who is just starting to enter some of the fun of terrible two's. Fun all around I tell you. The good news is that I am done, "Schoolssssss out, for..ever!!!!" Thank you Alice Cooper. I did receive the board that should hold my degree on Friday May 13, 2011. The degree will come in the mail a few weeks later.

In other news, as most of you should know, we have baby number two on the way in September, as evidenced by this video viewed by many.

Well this month, we also found out that the inside of the cake was blue..which meant that we are having another boy. Then just one short week later we were made fun of by Seth Meyers on Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update about how we announced the baby's gender.

This month was also highlighted by an opputinity for me to get a garden started, and also a trip up to Milwaukee with the family to have fun at the Milwaukee zoo. Colin loved the Tigers, he was roaring at the tigers as they walked by the glass viewing window, I didn't get great video of it, but this is what I did get. You can hear him roaring in the background.

So this has been an eventful month. I start up some small contract jobs this month, working for a local company doing photoshoots, and video work, which should be a lot of fun, and then in the fall, I will be teaching my first class as an instructor at Northern Illinois University, which I am really excited about. I got some great photos and videos this past weekend as we were back in Chillicothe for Grandpa Briggs' 80th birthday, so once I get a chance to go through them, I will get those posted as well.

Peace and Love, Briggs

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